Grahame Dunling was part of the team that built the first automated Vertical Grow system in the UK in 2009 . Since then he has built in Kentucky, China, Hong Kong, Japan , Bahrain. The rest of the world is Growing Vertically . Dubai is now following , BUT  that is all about to change Grahame is building the most sustainable and commercial unit inside a retro-fitted warehouse in Dubai
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   As a Commercial grower we try to produce the best Salads we can at the correct price for all. The GCC represents all of the      issues we can think off that increase cost for local production to take place. So how do we lower our cost, well we have to        produce sustainable and economically. So we have to design our grow area and grow system to suit the crop and the                conditions.This is why here in Dubai we have redesigned the way the whole concept of growing . We grow inside a                  warehouse but this is no ordinary warehouse it has been fitted with the latest in energy saving materials to stop the heat          or cold air coming in and also to maintain the even temperature inside. We also use the heat load from the LED's in a              morning to help increase the temperature from night time to daytime.Again this simple method saves energy. We have a            format which allows us to grow multiple crops for the market under the same roof. We have developed a system to feed at        different recipe to each rack if needed. this allows us to grow micro herb, Lettuce, Basil and Mint in the same room   

Beautiful Red Cabbage
  • Grahame's advantage is that he has 
  • Extensive Commercial management experience in branded fresh produce businesses.
  • He has built Brands from nothing to be leaders in there fields.
  • He has achieved strong performances delivering above and beyond customer expectations.
  •  Innovative, intuitive and imaginative - an ideas man.
  •  Someone who is able to think through all the options - not afraid to take risks, but always measured.
  • Installing cooling systems in Bahrain that are Innovative and unique 
  • Ability to think on my feet and make quick decisions when needed
  • Commercially astute.
  • Excellent with people - good coaching/mentoring abilities and able to tell it how it is without demotivating people.
  • Visionary, can see a different future and more importantly can plan to get there.

Grahame's aim is to  start a farming revolution in the GCC after Bahrain he 

knows he can really make a difference to the world of Horticulture with the 

GCC’s first indoor vertical farm.  Grahame has a reputation for supplying the 

finest micro-greens and Salads to top restaurants and chefs around the world. 

He is now transferring that skill to grow the finest salads in Dubai. 

His passion for fresh, locally grown produce is what drives any company forward, 

and the demand for gourmet leafy greens all year-round is what has inspired him. 

Everyone knows that homegrown produce is fresher, and tastier than imported goods. 

With the  harsh desert climate in the GCC it is not easy to grow, so he changed the 

way to grow inside a greenhouse that allowed him to grow through the summer. 

He now grows crops vertically inside a Special retrofitted warehouse the first of its 

kind designed to save energy, water and designed to grow crops year round to the 

same consistent flavour and texture. Many of the features of the build in Dubai is unique 

such as 

  • Retro fitted warehouse unique to growing 
  • Specially designed grow trays 
  • Inert media unique to Dubai
  • New designed Cooling systems 
  • Never seen before grow system
  • Unique designed Led spectrum 

Scarlet Mustard

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