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Grahame is passionate about Local Salads grown for Quality, Flavour &Texture. 

Dubai is the 5* Gourmet capital of the world where better to build a 5* Gourmet growing facility than in Dubai.The client is also unique in the fact that they also want to produce salads for the GCC. 

The way the warehouse is built saves energy on cooling cost and also the media used saves water so we are preserving the precious elements that we need to save. By using a machine to sow seeds we are also saving seeds as each and every tray has the excat same number of seeds inside. This gives us a unique edge that all the plants have the same space to grow so are nice and even.

Project & Mission 

 Here in Dubai we are building a facility to grow Gourmet herbs,salads and also Micro Greens, all of these will be grown inside a warehouse and not a greenhouse. This gives us more control and also the continuity of product, the herbs we are growing are gaining the WOW factor for there taste and the special flavours that we are bringing to the Gourmet Restaurants. We are taking the taste back to the 1960's when food tasted great , But we are growing them with a modern twist. The Salads are the best Gourmet Produce on the market which is grown for the baby sized leaves that keep the flavour in and have a longer shelf life. We deal in Facts NOT fiction , people say they can produce 75% more than an outside farm ? of course they can they that is like saying a Car can go faster than a Bicycle. They are not the same so you can not compare like for like. Worldwide Local Salads go one step further we like to employ local people for the work so we keep the money in the Local Economy and we truly believe in lowering imports and Local Food for Local People grown Locally.

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