London, California, Japan,  the rest of the world is vertical farming.Grahame Dunling                                                                                                  was doing it in 2009  It’s no longer a matter of if it can be done. 

                                                We are Building in Dubai , right now?

Grahame Dunling is the CEO of Worldwide Local Salads & is working for a Dubai Company to build a Vertical Farm in Dubai.  With over 80 years of commercial growing history in the Dunling Family. Grahame one of the foremost respected growers and inovators in the world of Horticulture, and there are a Gallery of pictures showing what some people say is impossible to do. 

 Interesting article that I wrote in 2012 about Indoor Growing and Growing in General read it here 
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We do not just grow salads we grow Gourmet quality inside a warehouse in DUBAI. Not just Micro greens we grow Mini Chili's, Lettuce and Gourmet Basil's . 

Grahame Dunlings aim is going to change the way that Local Salads are seen by the very best top chefs. Instead of poor or low quality he is going for the highest quality Gourmet salads grown locally to bring a Gastronomical delight to the residents and visitors of Dubai. 
This is going to revolutionize the way that local salads are going to be seen in the GCC, taking them from a low quality cheap alternative to imported produce. To been one of High Quality Gourmet Local Salads grown for quality and not quantity. The first stage of this growth is going to be a Indoor vertical system in Dubai growing Micro herbs and potted herbs unique to the Dubai operation. The second phase is going to be one growing very unique Chill's and a unique tomato for the highest quality chefs only. The third phase is going to have the total WOW factor and plans are been drawn up for this phase which is due to open the end of 2017. 

Meeting the Crown Prince of Bahrain who was pleased we was bringing Local Salads to the people of Bahrain through Peninsula Farms the Kingdoms premium Grower.  We are now bringing the concept to Dubai 

 Giving a tour and talk to the GCC Ministers on how a Hydroponic growing greenhouse works in the dessert.                                              We changed the Salad industry in Bahrain from zero to Local Grown